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Channel log from 8 March 2019   (all times are UTC)

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hello. Maybe someone know the issues. I help a customer at his lstp-server. They are around 15-25 Clients (depending on day/time). The server seems to work, but the clients which are booting into a xubuntu are quit slow or seems slow. Even if you connect with 1 client. The responding time is around 1-2 Seconds for almost each click you do. What can i do to increase performance? Are there some option I can change (like giving more thre
it seems its a general problem. The feedback of a click or action is always slow
What are the client specs, cpu, ram?
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Hi Guys/Girls, I have a problem with LTSP thin client login, saying: server: Temporary failure in name resolution. Xubuntu 18.04, installed using Chroot default LTSP wiki install guide.
Any ideas? Thanks.
BWT: what I see is that in /etc/hosts is asigning wrong server IP
[GuS]: you'll need to say more about your setup, e.g. external dhcp server, misconfigured?
alkisg, internal dnsmasq is configured and working before LTSP
[GuS]: internal you mean in the ltsp server?
Hmm anyway, I think it would be best if you wrote a paragraph about your configuration, and pasted your configs to pastebin, as the chat is kinda slow, it will take days with that pace :)
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Yeah sorry, I installed LTSP in many servers and is the first time this happens.
For example, it adds to /etc/hosts 192.168.121 server when should be server
which is real weird
will re-digg the conf
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[GuS]: at least pastebin the result of `getltscfg -a` from a client...
"i have a problem but I'm not giving any info" doesn't really help in solving the problem
alkisg: I know! :) I will when i get into the server, I was not mean to ask for a resolution right now, I know this world and i am in this world, I am a sysadmin as well....
I just asked in case something changed in latest LTSP. As soon i get into the server i will paste the info...
Damn!! a Typo found... thanks alkisg!
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