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hi all, will it irritate everyone if I ask some VERY newb thin client questions?
Since no one objected, I'll go ahead =)
I'm starting up a school - VERY beginner classes on things like Word, Excel, digital advertising, using Google Docs, that sort of thing (with most classes running for 8 hours on a Saturday or 4 two-hour sessions in evenings)
I'm trying to decide between workstations / laptops / Chromebooks / thin clients
I can't really get my head about the fundamentals of a thin client network. Could I just set up LTSP on a server then buy cheap thin clients off of Ebay?
Is it ok if the thin clients are a mixture of makes and models? Is there anything I need to look for in their technical specs to ensure they'd work with LTSP? Could I provide a Windows virtual desktop via LTSP? Word and Excel? Any other limitations that might not be immediately obvious?
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